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Polyp lab Polyp Booster


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At Polyp Lab, we have always strived to provide aquarists with easy and efficient solutions. With the introduction of Polyp-Booster, we are proud to say that we have outdone ourselves.

Based on Reef-Roids' proven formula; containing 18 amino-acids and 12 fatty acids, Polyp-Booster delivers a broad spectrum of beneficial compounds that will help your corals thrive.

This all-in-one nutritional solution has been researched and tested by hundreds of specialists and aquarists from around the world using a concentrated formula that will trigger the feeding response of scleractinian corals in less than 30 seconds in many cases.

Polyp Booster was not designed to target a specific coral or coral colour, it was designed simply to improve the health and vibrancy of all scleractinian corals, by providing superior nutrition via broadcast feeding.


Technical Information.

  • Contains 18 Amino-acids (60% of dry weight)

  • Contains 12 Fatty acids (20% of dry weight)

  • Contains  as much as 120ppm of Astaxanthan pigment, from natural sources.

Can trigger a feeding response in most aquarium inhabitants including corals, inverts, crustaceans and fish in less than 30 seconds. Will improve the corals' ability to capture additional food sources when the feeding response is triggered and polyps are extended leading to improved colouration, growth and vitality.

Packed in a convenient 100 ml. glass bottle with dropper, Polyp-Booster is easy to use and is a must have for any serious reef keeper or store, especially when trying to induce feeding in newly imported stock that is stressed and low in energy reserves.

Best results will be achieved when used in association with  Reef-Roids.

Polyp-Booster is safe for any type of marine aquarium.

Dosage instructions: one half dropper for each 60 gallons of aquarium volume, once per day added 5-10min prior to feeding main foods





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