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Red Sea Reef Colours ABCD 100ml


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Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD – pack (4 * 100ml)


Red Sea has added new trial pack versions to its renowned Reef Care Program, which provides hobbyists of all levels the opportunity control and enhance the growth and coloration of corals.

Coral Coloration A,B,C & D supplements come in a 4-pack that supports a 250-liter SPS aquarium for approximately 60 days- enough time to witness impressive growth and a darkening of coral pigmentation. Red Sea’s Chief Scientist, Sharon Ram commented “We want to give hobbyists the opportunity to experience the same benefits that we witness every day for ourselves. Whether their objective is to accelerate growth or enhance coral coloration, the Reef Care Program trial packs show the positive effects of providing corals the correct nutrition and conditions to thrive.”

Red Sea’s research into the metabolic demand of SPS, LPS and soft corals has identified 27 minor and trace elements that are present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals, in addition to the foundation elements. They are known as important bio-catalysts in thousands of metabolic processes in marine organisms and therefore must be readily available in all reef aquariums.

The research additionally shows that color pigments within a coral can only be produced if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the correct concentration. Each of the natural pink, red, green/yellow and blue/purple pigments are connected with specific elements that correlate with the elemental grouping of the Coral Colors A, B, C & D.

Our Coral Colors supplements have been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement are the same as are found in the combined coral skeleton and soft tissue.





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