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Fauna Marin Balling Lite Starter Set


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Balling Light Set


Quick and easy controlling and readjusting of doses of the most important water parameters!

Ready for immediate use

The whole starter set contains the essential components in order to provide the corals with macro minerals and trace elements and is gratuitously extensible with all other reefkeeping systems. The Fauna Marin Balling Light starter set is furthermore suitable for beginners since it allows them, in an almost playful manner, to adjust and stabilize the important water parameters, in your aquarium.


Universally applicable

The Balling Light method serves as an uncomplicated and modern method in order to supply the aquarium with calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and all essential trace elements.



  • Highly purified special salts for reefaquarium

  • Adjusted trace elements for growth and colorfulness

  • Suitable for every aquarium and filter system (Zeo methods, Berlin System etc.)

  • Complete starter set with free online access for

  • Apposite dosing of the trace elements

  • Facile handling and effective concentrates for long usage

  • Economic supply od the aquarium with all important minerals



2 x 1 kg Calcium Mix Art.Nr. 14205

2 x 1 kg Magnesium Mix Art Nr. 14210

1 x 1 kg Carbonat Mix Art Nr. 14220

1 x 250 ml Trace B Elements Color and Grow Art Nr. 14005

1 x 250 ml Trace B Elements Metabolics Art Nr. 14010

1 x 250 ml Trace B Elements Health Art Nr. 14015

3 x 5,0 liter canister with tube connectors (150mm W, 200mm L, 250mm H)

3 x connecting hose 4/6 mm

3 x Labels


1 x ID CODE for free Aquacalculator access





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Weight10.000 kg


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