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Fauna Marin Ultra Trace 1 Strontium Complex


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Fauna Marin Strontium/Barium



Trace element solutions for the original two-part method for Calcium and trace element supplementation for your reef aquarium

High-purity chemicals
The necessity of supplementing depleted minerals and micronutrients (trace elements) to reef tanks is due to enhanced growth rates of corals and marine algae in reef tanks, thus its importance is not to be underestimated. FAUNA MARIN provides a complete product line for the easy supplementation of calcium,magnesium, carbonates, as well as essential trace elements. FAUNA MARIN sticks to its principles: best results obtained by purest chemicals.

Trace element solutions based on the original method for lime and micronutrient supplementation after Balling. All three solutions are perfectly balanced.
1. Strontium-Barium complex
2. Heavy metal complex
3. Iodine-Fluorine complex

1st canister:

Dissolve 2 kg of calcium chloride dihydrate in 4 litres of osmosis water and then fill the canister with osmosis water.

! Caution ! Always add the salt to the water – never vice versa!

Then add

25 ml Trace 2 heavy metal complex
25 ml Trace 1 strontium / barium complex

to the canister.

2nd canister:

2 kg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate in 4 litres of osmosis water and then fill the canister with osmosis water.

The new method does not require magnesium sulphate as it would accumulate in the water.
Nothing else is added to this canister!

3rd canister:

Dissolve 500 g of sodium bicarbonate in 4 litres of osmosis water and then fill the canister with osmosis water.

Then add

25 ml Trace 3 iodine flour complex

to the canister.

Please consider the dosing recommendations and the instruction manual for the two-part solution.
Never add the solutions directly into the aquarium!

Contents: Water, Trace element Mix, Vitamins

Keep away from children.
Not to be used for animals used for the production of food.
Do not inhale, do not swallow.
Avoid contact with skin and eye’s




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