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Polyp Lab Medic Whitespot Treatment 33g


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POLYPLAB-MEDIC is a much respected and highly effective water conditioner and reef-safe oxidizing agent, and is particularly effective against:

Marine Ich – Crytpocaryon irritans / Freshwater Ich – Ichthyophthirius multifiliis / Marine Velvet – Amyloodinium ocellatum


• Completely reef-safe

• Buffered to maintain physiological pH

• Does not harm invertebrates

• Does not harm nitrifying bacteria

Bottle Size: 33 g – (Treats 550 US Gallons of aquarium volume)

How Medic works: Many external fish parasites have very similar life cycles. In particular, these parasites have an “attached” stage (trophonts), a “matured” stage (protomonts), a “reproductive” stage (tomonts), and a “free-swimming” stage (theronts/dinospores). Most available conditioners do not affect the free-swimming stage of the parasite which is one of the primary difficulties in dealing with these infections.

Research with ciliated protozoa has shown that the “free-swimming” stage of these parasites have remarkably consistent hatching times; we have engineered our product to be most efficient during this stage.

Medic effectively conditions the aquarium water to inhibit all stages of the parasites life cycle,  but is also very effective in disrupting this cycle  during the “free-swimming” stage. Thus, when using Medic, hobbyists should try to maintain the highest concentration of the conditioner during this “free-swimming” time frame – when the oxidative component in the conditioner is particularly effective against theronts/dinospores.

Active Ingredients: Crystallized Peroxide Salts.

Directions for use:

Use one level scoop of Medic for every 50 G (US) of your system volume twice per day. 1 USG = 0.8 UKG / 3.64 L

Add once in the morning (Before 10am if possible).

Add once in the evening (After 10pm if possible).

Continue to add for 10 days.

Note: UV, ozone and carbon must not be used at any point throughout the 10 day cycle. However Protein skimmers can be run as normal.

The degree of infestation may seem to disappear when white specks are no longer visible on the fish. This is merely part of the natural cycle of the parasite. Therefore you must continue adding the Conditioner for the entire course (10 days) for maximum effectiveness.

After the 10 day course is complete, run granular activated carbon for 2 or 3 days.

Store the product in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight.

Important Additional advice:

The following environmental conditions are all attributable to a suppressed immune system which allows a higher probability of ongoing infection / cross infection / repeated infections and ultimately the loss of valuable stock.

Poor water quality / suppressed pH / low oxygen levels / Poor diet / insufficient quantity of food / Irregular availability of food / bullying / harassment / extended light periods / overly intense or constantly bright persistent moon phases / lack of secure night-time or daytime retreat areas.

As part of any good captive health care program, the fish’s dietary and environmental needs should be factored as follows.

Ensure regular feedings of preferred foods and consider a vitamin soak to enhance the food that the fish does take (an extended reduction in appetite is commonly more dangerous than the parasite itself), consider reducing the light period to allow a longer resting phase, ensure night-time illumination is not so intense that the fish fails to settle properly, and ensure the fish isn’t being bullied or harassed by fellow tank mates.  If infestation is severe, consider the use of a temporary Hospital/Quarantine system combined with a dedicated medication specific to that particular infection.

Good pre-addition quarantine procedures should be considered at all times to prevent introduction of parasitic strains to existing stock that may not have an established immunity.


Is Medic™ reef-safe?

Yes. We have tested Medic™ in many different reef aquarium conditions and we have found absolutely no adverse effects on any corals or invertebrates.

Can I run my protein skimmer while using Medic™?

Yes, During the use of the product, it is recommended to continue the use of your protein skimmer.

Can I use other medications while using Medic™?

We do not recommend using Medic™ concurrently with any other product. If you chose to use dedicated medications or other products during the use of Medic, you will be doing so at your own risk.

Can I use Medic in a hypo-saline quarantine environment?

Yes. Medic and its active ingredients are not adversely affected by hypo-salinity.

Why is it important not to use UV/Ozone/carbon during treatment?

UV sterilizers and ozone generators will react with the oxidizing components of Medic™. In addition, the use of carbon will reduce the effectiveness of the conditioning agents. In either of these cases, the effectiveness of the product will be significantly reduced.

Can I run concurrent courses of Medic™ if my fish are still showing signs of infestation?

If there is evident need to continue addition of Medic™ after the standard 10day course, we only recommend running continuously for a maximum of two courses. at which point addition should be stopped for a period of 1 week before resuming a further course. During this rest period we advise the use of carbon or similar media’s to flush the system.




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