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Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium (Powder)


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Carbo-Calcium (KH + Ca)


Ultra concentrated calcium and carbonate hardness for advanced reef aquarists

With Tropic Marin® Carbo-Calcium, the total calcium and carbonate hardness needs of a typical reef aquariumcan be covered with a single solution, without any additional unwanted compounds or excess carbon dioxide being created.

Minerals are consumed through the growth of organisms and other processes in the aquarium and must therefore be supplemented regularly. These include mainly calcium and carbonate hardness elements for the growth of the calcareous skeletons of stony corals, red coralline algae and other reef organisms. The special co-ordinated


Extremely high yield: 700g Carbocalcium contains 215 g calcium and > 30,000 alkalinity (°dH)
The pH value remains completely stable
No phosphates or surplus CO2 are added to the aquarium
The salinity remains constant (no sodium chloride is created)
No danger caused by oxygen depletion
Suitable for all tank sizes
After mixing, the resulting solution is suitable for both manual dosage and for dosing pumps


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