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Avast Marine Top Down Porthole


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Take great photos of your aquarium from the top down, the way corals are meant to be viewed! This handy lens housing mounts directly to the barrel of your DSLR lens, allowing you to (carefully) dip the housing in the water and get tack sharp photos without annoying lightbulb reflections or surface ripples.  Using the three thumbscrews to mount the housing on the lens barrel, you can turn the housing to zoom the lens, which can be difficult with traditional top-down photo boxes.

Back by popular demand, our original “shorty” Top-Down Porthole now features attachment mechanisms for nearly every camera available!  Besides the original 3-screw DSLR barrel mount, the optional adjustable C-bracket accommodates nearly every smartphone out there.  Another optional angle mount connects any point-n-shoot camera with a tripod screw mount.  This is a recessed threaded hole in the bottom of your camera that is a standard size (1/4″-20 threading) for mounting to tripods.

Many thanks to our friend Chris Thomas (143gadgets) for the photos taken with the Porthole.  As a professional photographer, he has provided us with valuable feedback during the product’s design.

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