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Joes Juice Aiptasia Solution 20ml


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Your Aiptasia Solution For Reef Aquariums Since 2003

* Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple by covering the entire oral disc for Aiptasia and covering the entire Majano
* Feeding can be done with the lights on
* Aitpasia and Majano DO NOT retract while being fed
* No effects on water Chemistry


Aiptasia are anemones found in many reef aquariums. These anemones have the capability to sting and damage almost any inhabitant in your reef aquarium. Their tentacles are able to sting corals eventually bringing them to their demise. They can multiple in your tank in a number of ways: fission, asexual reproduction via spores, having floating pieces attach to other surfaces and regenerating. Should the top of the anemone be removed, by grazing fish leaving just the foot, the foot can regrow.

Like other anemones, Aiptasia can change their location. Sometimes there are multiple Aiptasia in the same crevice. When this happens there is a tendency for them to compete for food. Many times this is done by alternating their feeding schedules. Some will come out in the day time and feed while the other will come out at night. Should use see tiny anemones pop up, that means that the “mother” Aiptasia released some spores.


How to use:

JoesJuice is a reef safe aqueous solution that is fed directly onto the oral disk. Be sure to completely cover the oral disc. Our product doesn’t alter water chemistry. Should a spill occur just SWISH the excess into the water column. It is recommended but not required turn off powerheads.


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