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MAQ Indoor Ocean Steel Framed


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The MAQ IOS is the high end of the MAQ aquaria range all IOS consist of a zinc plated powder coated steel frame giving you the highest protection against the eroding effects of the salt water environment. The steel frame is the main body of the structure that your tank sits on giving you extreme peace of mind that your tank will not collapse even after many many water spills.


This also allows us to construct the cladded frame around the tank making it completely removable at any time ie: panel damage or just a change of colour without having to dismantle the main tank in any way.


The IOS range is mainly applied to 5 ft tanks and above but the steel frame can be applied to the ION range also at an extra cost as with all our tanks they can be completely customized to suit your needs in every detail if needed.


Please contact the store on 01922 455776 or email us at if you require a quotation or advise or simply wish to discuss your possibly new build.


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Weight100.000 kg


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