Fluval Sea Evo 52 Litre Complete Aquarium


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Fluval Sea EVO Aquarium Kit – 52 litres

Go big in a small way!  The Fluval Sea Evo 52 litre Nano Reef aquarium from Fluval packs tje same performance and technology as some tanks several times the size!  Small enough to fit onto any desk or counter top, the Fluval EVO is the perfect way to enjoy a reef aquarium at an affordable price and size that can fit almost anywhere.

Super bright 14 000 kelvin lighting provided by 31 LEDs is specially designed for strong coral growth and for showing off the vibrant fish colours.  A simple and convenient touch start day and also night illumination.  All incased in an aluminium waterproof housing.

Complete with a special 3 stage filtration system for mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.  For optimum water clarity.

The neat and stylish design of the Fluval EVO has a slim profile hood with an easy feed opening large cutout for simple feeding.  Completely removable for full access when needed to the rear chamber without disturbing the inhabitants

Twin outlet nozzles provide directional flow from the filter system in areas you choose.

Does not include a heater or protein skimmer.  We recommend a 50w heater and the Fluval Sea PS2 protein skimmer for even more efficient filtration and water quality.


At a Glance:-

Aquarium dimensions : 56 x 38 x 29cm

Base Footprint: 19.5” (49.5cm) x 8” (23cm)

Volume : 52 litres

Includes Filtration system and lighting

Includes high spec 14 000 Kelvin LED lighting

With touch day and night lighting

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