Red Sea Reefer 170 Gen 2 + Aquarium



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The new Reefer series of reef aquariums from Red Sea has been designed to provide keen aquarists with the best start for their reef set up. Available in glossy black or cool white.

This 130 litre (34 gallon) tank is perfect for those with a smaller space, there’s enough room for plenty of beautiful reef life, but as the tank is only 24.5″ wide, it doesn’t take up too much room. The unique rimless tank lends a contemporary air to any living or business area, and as it sits atop a seamless glossy, cabinet it creates a stylish piece of furniture in any room.

Red Sea are renowned for their expertise with all things aquatic, and this new aquarium is no different. The Reefer Water Management System takes care of all the water flow and care, for a cleaner, healthier tank.

To strain all surface debris from the water, removable surface skimmer combs sit in the overflow box, so that all water passing through is cleansed of waste. This box also houses the down and sump pipes and the return outlet nozzle, so as not to disrupt the clean lines of this smart aquarium.

The sleek cabinet houses a sump tank that filters the water through a 200 Micron filter bag before entering a filtration chamber that it always at the optimum height. This makes it great for additional skimmers and reactors (not included). A bubble removing cascade removes any air bubbles from the water before it returns to the tank.

To ensure that the water levels remain at the optimum level, an integral freshwater automatic top up device. It will ensure that water is continually flowing to keep your aquarium running smoothly. All pipework is included and comes ready assembled and glued, so all you need to do is set up your tank.

These exclusive, new aquariums are ideal equipment for experienced reef keepers. Take advantage of our great prices and speedy delivery and order today!



Key Features:

  • Rimless tank and matching cabinet 24.5″ wide by 54″ in height (with cabinet).
  • Ultra clear glass – 10mm thick
  • Integral surface skimmer
  • 35 litre sump tank
  • Built in automatic top up system
  • Silent regulated down flow system
  • Ready to use pipework
  • 200 micron filter bag included
  • Recommended flow rate 2000 lph (pump not included)
  • Auto ATO





Additional information

Weight100.000 kg
Cabinet Colour



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