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GHL ProfiLux – Switchable Powerbar 6D PAB


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ProfiLux – Switchable powerbar 6D PAB


With the switchable powerbars from GHL, electrical devices, such as for example heaters, coolings, solenoid valves for CO2-control or current pumps can be switched.

Depending on the features of the used ProfiLux Computer, up to 24 (ProfiLux 3: up to 64) switchable sockets and maximum 8 (resp. 32) dimmable sockets can be controlled, the function of each socket is freely programmable.

All sockets can be switched separately. The sockets of the 220V-240V-versions are also individually protected by fuses (a defect of one device does not have the effect that all devices are without current).

The integrated LEDs show you the present switching state of each socket.

Our switchable powerbars can be obtained with the following sockets and plugs: Schuko, Switzerland, Belgium/France, Great Britain, USA/Canada. (Further sockets/ plugs on request).

The digital Powerbar 6D has its own microprocessor and is bus-compatible (up to 4 Powerbar 6D can be cascaded). Furthermore, the microprocessor control offers additional security functions.

For North America, an expansion socket is available. With this socket, several devices can be divided to multiple electric circuits.

The Powerbar 6D-PAB can only be operated with a ProfiLux 3 (eX)! All other powerbars can be used with ProfiLux II and ProfiLux 3-modells.



THE NEW !! Powerhub-6D-PAB :  


Digital switch module with ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB), with 6 separately switchable relays (10 A each), for ProfiLux 3 (eX) only!

L x W x H = 210 mm x 92 mm x 60 mm


Please note the PAB powerbars are not supplied with a PAB cable, this must be ordered separately in the length required.






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