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GHL Probes & Sensors


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Conductivity (Marine) PL-0055
Oxygen PL-0368
Ph PL-0071
Redox PL-0093
No description
Temperature PL-0094

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Measurement electrodes, sensors

  • Our solid and low-maintenance probes are produced in Germany according to high quality standards.
  • Most models have extra long connection cables (3 m).
  • Calibration can be done easily at the push of a button on the ProfiLux controller.
  • All probes are galvanically isolated, therefore they can be used in any combination at the same time without issues


Please pay attention to the conditions below for guarantee and warranty of probes and sensors.


Warranty and guarantee for sensors


Sensors are items which are wearing out during use. The life span depends mainly on the environment and operation conditions, Because of this, it is not possible to offer a credible guarantee for a minimum life span. For electro-chemical sensors a life span of 6 to 24 months is common, for electrical and mechanical sensors a life span of several years is possible.

Therefore the legal warranty is not valid for wear parts. Nevertheless, since we are convinced of the quality of our sensors we offer following guarantees:

  • Electrical sensors and mechanical sensors (level-sensor, temperature-sensor, conductivity-sensor, humidity-sensor) will be replaced in the first 12 months after purchase. *)
  • Electrochemical sensors (pH-electrode, redox-elektrode, oxygen-sensor) will be replaced in the first 6 months after purchase. *)

Appropriate use, correct maintenance and care presumed. No replacements for broken glass or other mechanical damages.





Article number: PL-0071

  • The pH-electrodes have a gel electrolyte and a ceramic diaphragm.
  • 3 m cable, BNC-plug





Article number: PL-0093

  • 3 m cable, BNC-plug



Conductivity-electrode, platinum


Article number: PL-0055

  • 3 m cable, BNC-plug
  • for marine water





Article numbers: PL-0094

  •  measurement range aquarium
  • 3m digital connection





Article number: PL-0368

  • 3 m cable, BNC-plug




Article number: PL-1115

  • 3 m cable, BNC-plug





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