Apex DOS + DDR Combo Package


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Apex DOS + DDR Dosing System Combo

The Apex DOS + DDR Dosing System Combo is combined with Apex Fusion software wizards for effortless operations that include additive dosing, automatic water changes, micro-quantity dosing, 2-part dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity) and the delivery of liquid foods and other supplements. The multipurpose dosing and fluid delivery system connects to any Apex via its AquaBus connection.

When coming to do water changes, simply place your empty vessel and your fresh stock of saltwater under your stand. Tell the Apex Fusion Wizard exactly what amount of water is required, and let the system perform an automatic, continuous water change without you needing to lift a finger!

The Apex Fusion Wizard is also integrated with a feedback loop from your water testing, to make suggestions to fine tune your 2-part dosing amount each day. No more trial and error with your dosing measures anymore!

The Apex DOS + DDR Dosing System Combo uses an industrial grade stepper motor in the DOS for enhanced precision and longer lifespan. The quality of this motor remains calibrated throughout its service and allows variable pump speeds that can be conformed to the specific needs of the tank – all enhanced via the Apex Fusion Wizard which again, automatically selects an ideal speed tailored to the tank’s needs.

The Apex DOS + DDR Dosing System Combo is fitted with quality sure-fit compression fittings that are virtually leak-proof .Large-sized tubing allows your system to work less hard. The simplified interface on the DOS itself is presented in the form of different colours for each pump to show their status, as well as a button for priming the pump.

The DOS easily connects to your existing Apex System via an AquaBus cable and all configuration is carried out via the Apex Fusion Wizard via your phone, computer or tablet. The system is presented in a stylish aesthetic with a design that compliments your aquarium and offers convenient space-saving storage.

The DDR offers a fantastic 2 litre storage system on both sides, with an easy lift-off lid and optical sensors that alert you when it’s time to refill.  For many aquariums, alkalinity and calcium will last around 2 weeks with this impressive capacity storage, however for other solutions, the DDR may not need changing for months! One simple connection links the DDR to the DOS and interfaces directly with your Apex Fusion Dashborad.

At a Glance:

Additive dosing

Automatic water changes

Micro-quantity dosing

2-part dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity) delivery of liquid foods and supplements

Simple water changes

Apex Fusion Wizard configures dosing measures to your specific requirements

Industrial grade stepper motor

Promises precision and longevity

Sure-fit compression fittings and large sized tubing

Simplified interface for each pump

DDR features two 2 litre storage compartments

Less fluid refills

Optical lenses that notify when a required refill is needed

Stylish aesthetic

Size (Approx.): L10.5″ x W8.5″ x H5.5″

Fluid Capacity (Approx.): 2000ml per side

Weight (Approx.): 2 pounds

Requires: Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr. and DOS to operate sensors

Package includes: DDR, 4m of DOS tubing

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