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Convenient, easy-to-use, mains powered automatic fish feeder. Perfect when you’re planning a trip or need to replenish your pet’s food remotely. You can easily plan the feeding schedule – frequency and number of rotations – even individually for each day.

The device has a large dry food compartment, ideal for granules and flakes, and a dedicated place for a moisture absorber. The Smart Reef app will calculate how much food is left in the container on an ongoing basis and will notify you when it needs to be refilled. Modern design, characteristic of all Reef Factory devices.


Product Features:

  • -user-friendly
  • -remote management via the Smart Reef application
  • -quiet operation
  • -dedicated to dry food in granules and flakes
  • -large food compartment
  • -adjustable food slot dispenser
  • -easy removal of the container to refill the food, without the need to dismantle the entire device


All you need to control it is the free Smart Reef application, which you can install on a mobile device (Android, iOS) or use it through a browser. Just pair the Smart feeder with your account in the application to be able to use a number of Smart functionalities.


 Smart functionalities:

  • -free, user-friendly Smart Reef application, available on phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems, easy access also from a browser
  • -remote control in a dedicated panel of the Smart Reef app
  • -calculation of consumption and notification of the end of food
  • -feeding schedule – plan sequential or individual feeding times for each day – frequency and number of turns of the feeder head
  • -transparent dosing history in the application
  • -PUSH notifications on a mobile device
  • -a completely new interface that allows for quick and easy setup








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