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Seneye Cleaner


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Seneye Cleaner


The Seneye Cleaner is a fast acting, effective cleaning agent, developed by master designers at Seneye, to bring your kit up to a new, pristine quality. The money-saving innovation prevents the need to replace old and existing kit, replenishing the aesthetic, thus the performance of your Seneye kit, quickly and easily.

Seneye Cleaner consists of non-toxic crystals. Your Seneye equipment can be dropped into a glass of water with these crystals dissolved into it, and left for around 1-2 hours to take action. Once the kit has been submersed in the cleaning solution for this time, it can be removed where the results are instantly noticeable. Seneye Cleaner works hard to remove stubborn coralline algae and hard mineral residue which builds on aquarium equipment over time.

Seneye Cleaner leaves your Seneye kit completely sterile and looking as good as new. Note:



Remember to remove your Seneye slide and store it in tank water before cleaning the Seneye deviice itself.


At a Glance:

Fast acting, effective cleaning agent

Replenished the look and performance of your Seneye equipment

Non-toxic crystals

Drop equipment into crystal dissolved water

Leave for 1-2 hours

Removes stubborn coralline algae and hard mineral deposits

Leaves kit completely sterile

Remove Slides before cleaning Seneye device

Genuine Seneye product

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