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Tunze Smart Controller 7000


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SmartController 7000



Within a single device, the new TUNZE® SmartController 7000 combines all important functions needed to create natural conditions within the aquarium. Till now, this required a variety of controller devices, where the alignment among the individual units often couldn’t be implemented in a functional manner. The advantages of the new user-friendly all-in-one solution from TUNZE® are an easy handling, the clear overview and the optional compact installation into nearly any kind of aquarium furniture or the wall mounting.
The SmartController 7000 can control all Turbelle® electronic pumps and TUNZE® LEDs, switching sockets and valves. In addition, it measures and regulates the temperature and the pH value. The settings can be easily performed through a web interface with any Wi-Fi-enabled device which uses a web browser. But even without a Wi-Fi enabled device, it is possible to quickly and easily perform the basic settings via the touch panel.
Product detail:

Together with Turbelle® pumps, it is possible to reproduce complex ocean flow conditions in the aquarium. In conjunction with the TUNZE® LEDs, the course of a day just like in real nature can be simulated with the pumps. For this, the LEDs can be adapted to the brightness of the respective seasons.
The fail-safe real time clock even stores the time during power outages, and without a leak-prone battery.
The smart controller 7000 is able to maintain a constant temperature, and also regulate the heating or cooling.
The galvanically decoupled pH measurement guarantees an accurate measuring result at any time, regardless of all other connected electronic devices. The SmartController 7000 directly controls a solenoid valve, and thus the CO2 level to obtain a constant pH value in the aquarium or in the calcium reactor.


Product info:

SmartController, temperature probe, 4 connection cables, mounting set.
Suitable for devices with Wi-Fi and browser.
Dimensions without mount
(L x W x H): 133 x 33 x 116 mm (5.2 x 1.2 x 4.5 in.).



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Weight3.000 kg


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