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TUNZE Wave Controller


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General information.

An unbeatable team – Turbelle®pumps with electronic motor + Turbelle® controller – they can reproduce real reef currents in your tank. TUNZE® controller concentrate on the fundamentals and the most important things. The following flow patterns can be produced in the aquarium very easily:





Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane terminal is a control unit to be used on all Turbelle® pumps with electronic motor, and can synchronously or alternately control two Turbelle® pumps:

Wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time.
Oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of the Wavebox.
Oscillating flow with Turbelle® pump for the operation of Turbelle® stream pumps.
Automatic search of the resonance frequency in case of oscillating flow.
Ramp function for a gentle start of the pumps.
Foodtimer at the touch of a button; after about eight to ten minutes, a restart is carried out automatically.
If the Photo-Electric Cell 7094.05 (not included in the scope of delivery) is attached to the connecting port, the night-mode operation is activated automatically.



Wave simulation ("Pulse only") 7092 / 7095 / 7096
By setting the maximum and minimum outputs as well as the pulse duration, high and low water velocities can be produced generating a natural wash of waves under a one-metre water column.



Oscillating current with Wavebox or Turbelle® pumps 7092 / 7096.
In Multicontroller 7092 and 7096, the pump channels can be used as a Wavecontroller for the direct or alternating operation of the Wavebox or the Turbelle® pumps. This function comprises the automatic search of the resonance frequency, which can be combined with wash of waves or high and low tide simulation.



Feeding operation (Foodtimer) 7092 / 7095 / 7096
In all Turbelle® controllers, the pumps can be stopped completely by the push of a button to enable feeding. After about one to fifteen minutes (adjustable), a restart is carried out automaticall



Operation in night mode ("Night mode") 7092 / 7095 / 7096 
In all Turbelle® controllers, a photo-electric cell is used to reduce the performance of the Turbelle® pumps at night. As in a reef, small animals and plankton can rise in the aquarium completing the natural cycle of diurnal and nocturnal animals occupying the habitat..





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