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Brightwell Liquid Reef



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Liquid Reef

Concentrated Reef Builder for Coralline Algae, Corals, Clams & other Marine Invertebrates




  • Complete source of the elements and molecules that are directly used by corals, clams,
    and other reef-building invertebrates and organisms to create skeletal material and grow.

  • Provides calcium (140,000 ppm), strontium, magnesium, and potassium in 
    approximately the same ratios* in which they occur in aragonite.

  • Very strong source of carbonates (derived from aragonite).

  • Increases alkalinity to help stabilize pH.

  • Stronger than competing products.

  • May be used as an inexpensive alternative to automated calcium reactor systems

  • Free of phosphate, silicate, and organic material.

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250ml | 500ml





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