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Easy Reefs Easy SPS Coral Food


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The long-awaited food of SPS by EasyReefs.


EasySPS comes to fill a gap that was still empty within the range of products that make up the EasyReefs catalog. So far we could use the phytoplankton in EasyBooster gel to indirectly feed our corals (feeding the fauna of our aquarium, which would later serve as food for its inhabitants), but we were missing a product that fed them directly.

The EasySPS is a blend of phytoplankton and zooplankton created specifically for SPS-type hard corals, although due to its composition it can be used in aquariums in which the SPS are not the predominant corals. Its composition is based on  the following ingredients:

  • Palaemonetes varians: Natural zooplankton as source of high nutritional protein and essential amino acids. Rich in glutamine that triggers a quick response from corals.
  • Tetraselmis chuii: Source of natural antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, B12, Superoxide Dismutase, high digestibility and rich in EPA and ARA essential fatty acids.
  • Phaeodactylum tricornutum: Stimulates the immune system, rich in 1-3, Beta glucans. High content in EPA essential fatty acid.
  • Isochrysis galbana (T-ISO): Very rich in DHA essential fatty acid and micro nutrients involved in complex metabolic processes.
  • Sardine oil: Texturing activity smooths easysps particles.
  • Tocopherols: Based on natural extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis, antioxidant that stabilises essential fatty acids.


The combination of zooxanthellae food production and the Easysps provides coral with an ideal food composition with minimal pollution.

Thanks to a unique process of lyophilization, agglomeration and shear milling, a product with an ideal particle size of around the 60 microns size (55% of the particles @ 60 micron) is made; great for polyp feeding your SPS.

Benefits for your coral

By increasing the metabolic rates in corals owing to the increase of nutrient availability, you will get many positive results:

  • Coral growth will increase. Keep an eye on the calcium concentration, carbonates (kh) and magnesium, they will be consumed by corals due to rapid growth. We recommend water test during the first few weeks while using the product.
  • Inorganic nutrient consumption will increase. Nitrates and phosphates will decrease because corals will metabolize part of them.
  • Coral colour improvement. Based on observations, corals may increase the internal peroxidation during digestion when there is heterotrophic feeding. This increase of peroxidation’s will reach antibacterial capabilities. The high sensitivity of zooxanthella (dinoflagellates) to oxidative processes may explain zooxanthella concentration decrease in coral tissue and colour enhancement. The bioavailability of essential amino acids and presence of essential fatty acids will contribute as precursors for pigment production (fluorescent and non-fluorescent pigments). Amino acids can be used similar to mycosporin with a similar mode of action against UV-A radiation, Easysps is the perfect solution for this purpose.

Easy Reefs foods creating healthy reefs with easy to use natural foods.




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