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Polyp Lab Reef Roids


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REEF-ROIDS were originally designed for the scientific community, and specifically for the maintenance of one of the hardest to keep species ‘goniopora’. they were later found to be relished by a very wide assortment of corals and other filter feeding invertebrates making them one of the most complete all round reef aquarium foods on the market.

The unique aspect of Reef-Roids, is that unlike most artificial coral foods, they are not manufactured from the usual assortment of bulk ground ingredients such as krill, fish meal and fillers which are then dosed with amino acids to elicit a feeding response. Reef-Roids are instead manufactured from pure high density marine zooplankton, thereby offering the most natural and realistic range of food types and particle sizes (150-200um) available to the widest range of corals and other invertebrates, many of which rely on key scent markers and particle sizes to identify prey as applicable to that particular species. Users have commonly noted that many zooanthids, mushrooms, goniopora, and a whole host of hard corals both lps and sps show a remarkable feeding response. additional noted changes with long term use have been increased growth rates and stronger colouration due to the more natural range of essential trace elements and amino acids found locked within the zooplankton.

Reef-Roids mixes remarkably well into water and does not float to the surface like many dry format coral foods. This ensures a long retention time in the water column to minimize food waste and allow maximum uptake by the corals, its fine particle size also means that the food will remain neutrally buoyant to pass through most mechanical filter medias repeatedly for several hours after addition before being either consumed or gradually removed by other filtration equipment such as protein skimmers.

Having attained critical acclaim in the United-States, and being a much sought after food in the UK for some time now, we are happy to announce the availability of this product in two sizes, and in multi buy dealer packs with point of sale packaging.


Sealable plastic bags but now there is additional amount in the packets 30g is now 37g, 60g is now 70g and 120g is now 150g

  • Contents:

  • A range of naturally occurring marine zooplankton species in dried high density format.
    Crude protein 60% min
    Crude lipid 20% min
    Ash 6% max
    Crude fiber 8% max
    Moisture 6% max
    Astaxanthin 150-200 ppm.

Directions For use:

Dependent on coral stocking density*, for every 100g of  system volume, mix up to one level teaspoon of Reef-Roids with some water from your aquarium. Briefly stir this mixture to create an even slurry. We highly recommend target feeding the slurry to more demanding corals such as Acanthophyllia etc using a syringe or turkey-baster while circulation pumps are turned off. Otherwise, pour the slurry into an area of high flow to allow widespread feeding of the entire aquarium.

*stock density vs food input plays a crucial roll in how much food goes uneaten and consequently to waste. Always test and monitor free nutrient concentrations and adjust feeding accordingly, build up food input over time in accordance with the system and inhabitants demands.

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