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Tropic Marin Pro Coral Organic 200g


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Stimulates coral growth and reduces phosphate levels in marine aquaria

The nutrient phosphate is both vital for aquarium inhabitants and harmful in high concentrations. With Tropic Marin® PRO-CORAL ORGANIC this component of all organisms is removed from the water by anthozoa, thus reducing the phosphate concentration in a biological manner.

PRO-CORAL ORGANIC contains valuable proteins and minerals that stimulate the growth of leather corals, disk and crust anemone species. As a result of this, another component of all living organisms, phosphate, is absorbed from the water by anthozoa, thereby biologically reducing the level of phosphate in your tank. These “true to nature” conditions help the animals to thrive, and ensure they exhibit the same color and growth rates as in their natural environment.


Contains valuable proteins and minerals
Supplies readily available nitrogen compounds to ensure a balanced nitrogen-phosphorus ratio (N:P)
Promotes growth of anthozoa and reduces phosphate levels
The polyps of anthozoa become more engorged and open
Free from nitrates and phosphates



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