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Two Little Fishes Chalice Power 30g


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It finally here , Justin Credebel the very much esteemed USA 'fragger' which also developed Goniopower in collaboration with Julian Sprungs Two Little Fishes, has brought another clever food stuff to market suitable for feeding to 'chalice' corals. This time the food particles are negatively buoyant, as opposed to Goniopower which was light and neutrally buoyant, keeping the food particles suspended in the water column for longer. It contains a mixture of freeze dried fine zooplankton with a minimum protein content of 50%! The product is mixed with a little water and pipetted onto the corals such as Echinopora, leptoseris, Oxypora,Echinophyllia, Mycedium,Pectinia but also useful for a great many more slow to feed coral species and those that require a finer particle.




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