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Nyos Instant Plankton 60ml


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NYOS® INSTANT PLANKTON is a highly developed plankton microfeed clusters for corals



  • For corals and invertebrates
  • For many delicate fish 
  • Promotes zooplankton
  • With numerous vitamins 
  • Low in phosphates and nitrates


Technical Details





1-3 dosage spoons per 100l daily


Particle size: 




Planktonic microfeed. NYOS® INSTANT PLANKTON is a highly developed plankton microfeed clusters for corals, invertebrates, and marine ornamental fish (particle size: 5-20 mü).

(please note instant plankton is a direct replacement for nyos pepper!)


In a special process, individual, round feed particles are combined in a manner that microfeed clusters with tiny air bubbles are generated to realize this state-of-the-art phytoplankton substitute. Because of these air bubbles, the so-formed feed clusters do not sink but float for many hours in the water column. This ensures a maximum on availability for corals and filter-feeders.

The round, raspberry-like shape of these feed clusters promotes the absorption for corals and filter-feeders. 


  • Numerous corals and invertebrates, which take feed actively (such as azoox corals, LPS, ricordeas, zoanthus)
  • Many delicate fish that eat microbes (e.g. pipefish or dragonets) 
  • Regular use promotes the formation of zooplankton
  • Enriched with numerous vitamins and supplements
  • We recommend mixing with salt water and adding a few drops of NYOS® ABSOLUTE AMINOS in a separate container for the perfect activation.
  • Low in phosphates and nitrates




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