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Nyos Nector 50ml


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Nyos CORAL NECTAR is a well-formulated nutrient solution that prevents specifically deficiencies and degeneration or corals and filter-feeders.


After some time, a degeneration of numerous corals can occur frequently even in well-established aquariums: Loss of tissue on the foot in SPS, shrinking of discosomas such as ricordeas or a reduction in zoanthus colonies.


The lack of supplements and a subsequent malnutrition could be identified as the cause. Nyos CORAL NECTAR provides specifically these supplements.


-Nutrients from planktons and vitamin solutions for hard and soft corals, gorgonias, molluscs, sponges etc.

-Prevents specifically deficiencies and degeneration of corals and filter-feeders

-Thereby improves colour, growth, and polyp image of corals through nutrition close to nature

-Does not contain any harmful chelators or chemical additives



1 drop per 100l per day. Start with around 50%.




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