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D-D KH Manager K1 Expansion Box


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The D-D KH Manager E1 expansion box

This allows up to two D-D P4/P4 PRO dosing pumps and a Kamoer FX-STP to be linked with the KH Manager.

Connection to the D-D P4 and P4 PRO pumps allows automatic adjustments to be made to the programmed schedule of one or more of the dosing pump heads after each KH test. This can avoid the gradual over or under dosing issues commonly caused by various environmental factors fluctuating the uptake of elements or simply from the difficulty of getting the dosing 100% accurate for the aquariums needs.

Linking a Kamoer FX-STP with the D-D KH Manager is designed as a method of supplying a controlled flow of water to a calcium reactor, increasing the flow if the tested KH in the aquarium is beginning to drop or decreasing the flow if the KH is rising.

Connection to D-D P4 / P4PRO Dosing Pumps

Connection to the D-D P4 and P4PRO pumps allows independent automatic adjustments to be made to one or more of the dosing pump heads after each KH test avoiding the over or under dosing issues commonly found with traditional dosing methods. If adjusting a single head for KH, your programmed liquid buffer additions are automatically increased or decreased depending on the test result and the parameters you have set within the KH Manager, maintaining a stable KH. Any dosing heads on the P4 or P4 PRO pumps that you do not want to be automatically adjusted can be set to run an independent dosing schedule as normal with no adjustments from the KH Manager.

This control can also allow multi part dosing systems such as Reef Zlements part 1 and 2 to be controlled by the KH Manager or the dosing of other elements such as Calcium and Magnesium to be increased or decreased with the KH usage of your aquarium.

The E1 Connection Box can be used to link one or two D-D P4 or P4PRO dosing pumps to the KH manager, if two pumps are used they can be of the same type or one P4 and one P4PRO.

Only Cloud versions of the D-D P4 Pump(s) using the Kamoer Remote App can be linked to the KH Manager.

A data cable will be needed to connect the E1 box with a P4/P4PRO, if linking two pumps a second cable will be required. These are available separately in 1 meter, 1.5 meter and 3 meter lengths.



Connection with a Kamoer FX-STP

To control the water supply through a calcium reactor a Kamoer FX-STP can be connected to the D-D KH Manager. After each test the FX-STP can run for a set amount of time at a constant speed, it is also possible to program parameters to automatically change the speed of the pump dependant on the pH or KH test result if using the Wi-Fi version FX-STP. This allows for the output of the calcuim reactor to be controlled by the KH Manager, increasing the ammount of water going through the calcium reactor if the KH readings in the tank are low or decreasing the flow if they are high or close to the desired level for the aquarium. It can also be set that if the pH tested in the aquarium is below a desired level the FX-STP can be temporarily slowed to reduce excess CO2 entering the aquarium from the calcium reactor.

If the KH is below the desired setpoint after a test the pump will run, when the test results reach your set point the FX-STP will switch off.

The stepper motor driven dosing pump built into the side of the D-D KH Manager will still remain active and can be set to run in auto or custom mode, if set to custom mode it can be used as a single channel dosing pump that is adjusted by the KH Manager or left to run completely indepedant as a single channel dosing pump for dosing any liquid additive.


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