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  • Item: 433963
  • Description: Smart ICP-OES. Laboratory saltwater test
  • Contents: 1 x Saltwater test ( and some sweets !!)
  • Packaging: Gift Box


Product Features


  • World’s 1st App based ICP
  • Smart Reef 360 aquarium management system
  • Notifications to phone, tablet & computer of sample delivery & test status
  • New Smart Reef Dashboard allowing for multi aquarium ICP testing
  • Test Results uploaded in Smart Reef automatically
  • Historic results and graphs showing trends on new dashboard
  • Element correction dosing panel integrated
  • Correction dosing can be automated via Dosing pumps
  • Affordable alternative to encourage proactive ICP testing


Smart ICP – OES UK Consolidation Process (detailed)


  1. Follow the instruction card included for filling and labelling your water sample.
  2. Register your ICP test in Smart Reef
  3. Affix the Coral Compass address label to the FRONT of your envelope:


Coral Compass Ltd


Unit 8, Redwood Court

Campbell Way



S25 3NQ




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