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Reef Factory Smart Componants Dosing System


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Smart Components is a kit for supplementing minerals in the marine aquarium in either 3 x 1 litre sets or 3 x 5 litre sets. Developed with great precision by specialists in chemistry and marine aquariums. Specially developed formulation and proportions of ingredients. Regular dosing ensures healthy coral growth. Besides the main components KH, Ca and Mg, the formula contains iodine, strontium, potassium, sulfur and many other essential micro-nutrients. It’s a complete solution, allowing you to supply your aquarium with everything your demanding corals need.


Researched and developed over the last 18 months produced at Reef Factory Lab by dedicated team for optimal formula for growth and health of marine organisms including demanding corals with high quality composition and reproducible formula.

Each batch of 1000L tested by Reef LAB with 58 ICP-OES used to verify macro & trace elements included in each set with a dedicated dosing panel in Smart Reef to integrate testing, recommendations and corrective dosing


Product Features:

– Optimal formula for the growth and health of marine organisms, including fastidious corals
– High quality composition and reproducible formulation
– Each batch tested by Reef Lab ICP-OES
– Dedicated metering panel in the Smart Reef app
– Two capacity versions. 1L containers for nano aquariums and 5L for larger aquariums. Complete formula to replenish minerals and maintain the parameters of marine aquariums at the right level.


KH Smart Component

contains: HCO3 and trace elements (F, I).
Adding 10ml of KH Smart Component raises KH level by 0.57dKh in 100L water. Adjust the dose of KH Smart Component according to the measurements of KH consumption in the aquarium


Ca Smart Component


Contains: Ca, Sr and trace elements (Ba, Co, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Ni, Cr and Mo)
Adding 10ml of Ca Smart Component raises the Calcium level by 4mg/l (ppm) in 100L water.
Adjust the dose of Ca Smart Component according to the measurements of Ca consumption in the aquarium


Mg Smart Component


Contains: Mg, S, K, Sr, B and trace elements (Li).
Adding 10ml of Mg Smart Component raises the Magnesium level by 0.34mg/l (ppm) in 100L water.
Adjust the dose of Mg Smart Component according to the measurements of Mg consumption in the aquarium

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