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Vertex Magnetic Dosing Line Holder


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Line-Mag resembles the Senor-Mag closely both is shape and function however it has been designed to house smaller diameter objects such as 6mm/ ¼” tubing used for various devices in Home Aquaria. 3 round magnets encased over a steel field-Rectifier on each 2 sides of the device create a very elegant display. On one side 10mm slots have been drilled and furnished with Titanium fasteners which can keep tubing for RO units and/or Dosing pumps in place. On the opposite side smaller magnets have been utilised to reduce the overall volume.
Although they are of smaller size in comparison to Sensor-Mag, however transparent Acrylic casing, Nickel plated magnets and Polished Titanium screws as well as smaller footprint make for a very attractive accessory that can be placed in sight without hesitation. 




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