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Tunze Comline Stream Filter 3163


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Tunze Comline Streamfilter 3163.

The new Comline® Filter range from Tunze are compact, ultra-functional and sophisticated internal aquarium filters, with a clear eye for design.

They feature surface and substrate water intakes, high flow rate pumps and a generous volume of filter media. This all combines to create a natural and healthy environment in the aquarium, from a compact yet elegant filter. 

The Comline® Filter 3163 is a high specification internal filter suitable for freshwater or marine aquaria. It is suitable for aquaria between 60 to 400 litres, dependent on size and number of fish to be kept in the aquarium. 

The Comline® Filter 3163 is supplied with a Nanostream 6163.200 water pump that delivers 1800 litres per hour yet consumes a mere 3.5 Watts of power.. 

The Comline® Filter 3163 is supplied ready for installation, including foam and filter wool, as well as a filter bag for use with activated carbon or other filter media.


Key Features:
   • Surface intake for efficient bacteria film removal.
   • Controllable bottom intake for removal of heavy particles and sediments.
   • Controllable Comline® energy saving pump.
   • Large filtering volume of 780cm³, can be refilled with any type of loose filtering media.
   • Attached to aquarium with magnet holder for a glass thickness of up to 12 mm.
   • New “Comline® Design”, elegant and unobtrusive in the aquarium.
   • Optional Osmolator® 3155 can be retrofitted to the filter for water level control.
   • Optional heater up to 75 Watts can be fitted to filter. Maximum heater size 200mm long x 14mm diameter.


Comline 3162 Filter with water pump& patented magnetic holder for glass thickness up to 12mm.


For aquariums 60 to 400 litres, dependent on size and number of fish.
Flow rate: 1,800 litres per hour (395 UK gallons per hour).
Dimensions: L 110 x W 90 x H 255mm.
Immersion depth: approximately 230mm.
Magnet Holder: for glass thickness up to 12mm.
Energy consumption: 3.5 Watts.
Voltage / frequency: 230V/50Hz UK plug.


Suitable for: freshwater or marine aquaria.




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