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ATI Sunpower Dimmable 6 x 24w T5 Pendant


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ATI was the first company that introduced T5 fluorescent tubes and T5 Fixtures to the Aquarium marketplace in 2001.

It was always their goal to show real power and potential of T5-Technology. In 2004 they started to use high-tech reflector material (efficiency +10%).

In 2005 they developed an active cooling system in their fixtures in order to hold the T5 tubes in the correct location for maximum light output (efficiency +15%).

They changed their manufacturer of T5 tubes in order to realize the best possible output T5 tubes.

Today there are no doubts that their ‘Blue plus tube’ is one of the best T5 tubes available.

The differences are in the detail.

Optimized active cooling system
An active, regulated cooling in the Sunpower provides high performance cooling for the electronic digital ballasts (EVG) and the T5 tubes. They cool both, thereby the electronics are preserved and the T5 tubes are stabilized at an optimum temperature range, which results in an additional performance output increase of 15 -20 %.

The best reflective material on the market
ATI have decided to use the most superior reflecting materials on the market today. The Reflector material has a total reflectivity of 98%. Normally polished aluminium reflectors has a reflectivity of 90-95 %. This means a further step in the efficiency increase in ATI T-5 technology of + 5-10%.

Splash protector made of acrylic glass.

Less Maintenance
No encrusted tubes and reflectors to be cleaned

Operational Proximity To The Water Surface
Via the splash protection of the lights themselves the pendant can be located closer to the water surface, min 20mm, which also leads to an increase of illumination in the aquarium, thereby allowing a more efficient use of energy and higher degree of illumination (+10%).

Solid Craftsmanship
Components supplied by brand named manufactures and assembled by a skilled workforce.

Dimensions & Weights
Length x Width x Height + Weight

6 x 24w 588 x 340 x 60mm 4.60kg
6 x 39w 888 x 340 x 60mm 5.70kg
6 x 54w 1188 x 340 x 60mm 6.80kg
8 x 24w 588 x 440 x 60 9.00kgs
8 x 39w 888 x 440 x 60 10.00kgs
8 x 54w 1188 x 440 x 60 13.0kgs

ATI Tubes
All ATI Sunpower T5 Pendants are supplied less tubes.

Tube Switching
Tubes are controlled in the following way.

6 Tube Units. Circuit 1, Tubes 1&3&4&6. Circuit 2, Tubes 2&5.
8 Tube Units. Circuit 1, Tubes 1&2&4&5&7&8. Circuit 2, Tubes 3&6.

Additional information

Weight 5.000 kg


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