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Maxspect IVC6 Wifi Controller


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This simple yet powerful controller allows you to connect and control up to 200 Ethereal lights as well as future Maxspect products. One controller is all you need to stay connected with all your Maxspect products.
You will never find redundant controllers cluttering up your tank ever again, allowing for a clean install.
Syna-G is the powerful yet user-friendly app designed to give you ultimate control over your Maxspect products via the ICV6 Controller.
Once installed on your Apple iOS or Android device, Syna-G provides you with a very intuitive, easy to use interface — taking your Maxspect products to a whole new level of control and interactivity.
Fully customize your compatible Maxpect lighting system with the easy to use Syna-G app. Make adjustments on the fly and watch as your commands are transformed into a spectacular light show.

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