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Tunze 8830 Blue Spectrum Led Lighting


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Tunze 8830 Blue LED


Tunze LED 8830 is a unique, high efficiency LED light that features a waterproof enclosure and has no failure-prone and noisy cooling fans. It is passively cooled by its unique design and thermally-conductive plastic housing. Further, the unique design allows for the light source to be concealed without the need for a canopy or any overhanging bars or mounting cables.

Featuring 62 Nichia Elite LED`s (blue) it has a total wattage of 13W with a 110 degree spread. All required hardware is included: dual position magnetic mount for up to 1/2" panes and power supply.

Optional Multicontroller 7097 allows up to 4 units to be connected and controlled for intensity, color, as well as sunrise and sunset simulation. Features Fully corrosion-resistant plastic construction, completely passively cooled without noisy or failure-prone fans. Fully waterproof, sealed with resin, and can be mounted close to the water surface in order to reduce the luminance loss.

Compact design which can be positioned at any point. Highly flexible mounting with a magnet holder. High degree of safety through low-voltage DC operation, cable length: 8 ft. Low operating costs and a high efficiency through 62 energy-efficient Elite-LEDs. Long service life due to a low operating temperature and perfect heat distribution.

Optimal light distribution, ideally suited as the main lighting source for a nano-aquarium or supplement lighting for larger aquariums. Light color and intensity are controllable time-dependent with the new Tunze® Multicontroller 7097 (sold separately).

Thanks to its small housing dimensions, combinations of multiple lamps are easily possible. The light output is multiplied almost completely according to their number, if the lights are mounted in close proximity. Dimensions: Lamp without bracket: L 12.00 in. x W 0.98 in. x H 0.66 in., vertical mounting with holder: L 12.59 in. x W 1.96 in. x H 1.96 in., parallel mounting with holder: L 1.81 in. x W 12.00 in. x H 1.96 in.

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