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Blue Life Organic FX 250ml & 500ml



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Blue FX Resins are advanced regenerable adsorption resins that comprise an entire new Eco-Friendly advancement in Aquarium Products. Blue Life USA’s regenerable, and Nitrate Fx, Phos Fx, and Organic Fx Resins

Compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes with Softener Fx is the only Freshwater Only resin in the Blue Fx Resin Line.  The easy to use media is the most cost effective approach to Aquarium filtration ever.


All resins are regenerable multiple times, and the Regen Fx kit can regenerate up to 4 resin media bags at one time.



  • Removes Unwanted Organics
  • Reduces Creation of Nitrates
  • Aids in water clarification
  • Increases Oxygen Levels
  • Helps eliminate/prevent algae growth Improves livestock health and vibrance/color May be regenerated 6 or more times



Container Sizes: 250 ml / 500 ml


Any of our Blue Life USA resins can be regenerated with the use of Regen Fx for reuse 6 or more times.


Instructions and Guidelines

Rinse resin thouroughly before use using distilled or deionized water. Used as directed, each 250ml of Organic Fx resin will help maintain up to 125 US-Gallons and aids in the removal of unwanted/excess organics while providing clear water and better livestock health and improved livestock vibrance and color. Removal is directly related to resin contact time with water; maximizing contact time with water will remove more nitrates and aid in the overall quality of aquarium water.

For best results using resins in a reactor or pressurized canister is recommended . Media will turn a medium brown color when exhausted.



Regeneration Instructions

Dissolve 1 Blue Life USA Regeneration Kit into 1/2 gallon of room-temperature water per 250-ml of resin to be regenerated in acleanpail;placeresinintopailandstir;allowOrganicFxtosoak atleast1hour(forbestresultssoakovernight)frequentlyagitating the bags; then remove from regeneration solution and rinse thoroughlyinfreshwaterbeforere-using.Donotregenerate with bleach, this will permanently damage the adsorption resin and could kill aquarium inhabitants.


Caution: Resin sold moist. Keep closed to prevent drying. Weight varies due to moisture content, product is sold by volume rather than weight. DO NOT LET RESIN DRY OUT!
Any of our Blue Life USA resins can be regenerated with the use of Regen Fx for reuse 6 times or more.




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