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Jebao Twin Pump Controller Only


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The long awaited twin controller for the WP series pumps are here!!!

This new controller eliminates the need for each WP pump to have its own power supply and controller and you can now run your current WP pumps with this controller for much greater control with 1 controller.
In addition, it now provides much greater flexibility in controlling the WP wavemakers as follows:

  • Can be used with a single WP pump and another added later
  • Any 2 x WP series pump can be used, they do not have to be the same e.g WP40 & WP60
  • Much greater speed control for each mode – from 30% to 100% in 8 steps
  • Each pump can be set to a different speed
  • Ability to run pumps in SYNC or ANTI SYNC
  • Ability to adjust wave duration for each pump
  • Suitable for any single WP wavemaker pump 


The twin controller MUST be used with ITS OWN power supply and NOT any of the WP pump power supplies – failure to observe this will result in damage to the twin controller.
We have chosen a power supply for the twin controller that will allow any combination of WP pumps (max load is WP40&WP60).  This way, if you wish to get a larger WP wavemaker they can safely do so without having to worry about getting a larger power supply.




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