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The next generation of water moving technology.


Awarded Reefbuilder's 2014 Editors Award, 

the Gyre is the industry's new standard in for aquarium flow.



Why gyre generator and not wavemaker?


Wave makers excel in creating waves. While waves are spectacular to watch in an aquarium, they are, in fact, moving majority of the water vertically up and down with relatively low horizontal movement. Dead spots are often found at the bottom of the aquarium trapping detrius and/or uneaten food. Not only are they unsightly in the tank, they are a nutrient source which will affect your water quality. 

In order to create sufficient flow in your aquarium to suit your coral needs as well as eliminating dead spots, at least 2 pumps facing each other are needed to create the alternate current mimicking ocean currents. The more pumps you add, the better the flow would be, but this also result in numerous powerheads inside the aquarium. Not only would this become unsightly in an aquarium, it also increases the temperatures of the water not to mention the cost of all those powerheads.


Gyre Flow Generator


Gyre generators, on the other hand, excel in moving shear flow of water from one side of the aquarium to the other. The shear flow of water is so strong that it would continue down the opposite end of the aquarium to the bottom and flow back to the other side. This achieves a full circulation with in an aquarium, generating a “gyre flow”. The Gyre with its circulating flow excels in suspending detritus in the aquarium which allows it to be mechanically filtered out either through filter socks or the skimmer.

With the crossflow technology, a single gyre and easily circulate the entire water column inside the aquarium, eliminating the need for extra powerheads. This reduces heat transferred while minimizing extra equipment inside the aquarium so you can focus on your prized corals or fish. By swapping out one of the included reverse flow impeller and adjusting the mode, the unique design and programing of the Gyre allows for an alternating flow in the aquarium all with a single pump, making this the most versatile pump on the market.





Max Flow: 9,000 lhr 

Tank size: 200-400L 

Power consumption: 8 – 35w


Please note this unit needs to be combined to new 230 series controller to operate this is first pump or additonal pump only for when more than one pump is used.


Controller link here





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