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In marine reef aquariums, waves and water movement are ESSENTIAL for the good health of the whole habitat.


Gas exchange process = It facilitates ingoing Oxygen and outgoing CO2 preventing alkalinity.


It keeps corals cleaned by general waste and mucus excess, preventing coral's suffocation or bacteria growth


It prevents food deposits and let natural nutrients to be spread in the water



Know the available models


Define how much water movement your tank needs.


– Tank volume 
– Aquarium population density (LOW- MED – HIGH)
– Quantity of rocks 
– Type of corals
– Type of tank management

NOTE: generally a tank requires a total movement in L/h (gph) from 20x to 40x of its volume

A 460L aquarium with MED density population = 2x M7200 (Advanced System Pack)


 Multi-side flow?


It's much better to produce the water movement by more than a single point even if a pump can cover the whole tank volume.

This increases oxygenation, advantages coral life and eliminates dead spots.

NOTE: with multiple pumps you have a "backup pump" in chance one was stopped manually or accidentally.





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