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Vortech Quiet Drive MP40w


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ALL New Vortech Quiet Drive Powerheads!!







Q: Is the VorTech QuietDrive line replacing the VorTech EcoSmart line?

A: Yes, although EcoSmart Driver equipped pumps may be available for some time after the QuietDrive begins shipment.

Q: Is the QuietDrive driver capable of all the same communication functionality as the EcoSmart Driver?
A: Yes, this includes wireless enabled pump to pump communication and integration with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live.

Q: Are the modes, buttons and button combinations the same as the EcoSmart driver for the QuietDrive driver?
A: Yes, with the exception of Long Pulse mode being replaced by Gyre Mode.

Q: If the diver is replaced on a VorTech ES pump with a QuietDrive driver what perfor- mance improvements can I expect?
A: That depends on which VorTech Pump model you are upgrading. Please refer to page 10 for more information involving the various upgrade options available.

Q: Can a VorTech equipped with a QuietDrive driver function as part of a multi pump group with EcoSmart drivers?
A: Yes, additionally QuietDrive pumps can be programmed the same way through EcoSmart Live as

Q: Is the MP40wQD a completely new pump?

A: Yes, the MP40wQD has a new wet side, dry side, motor, power supply and driver.

Q: What has changed on the MP10 and MP60 models?

A: The MP10QD, MP10wQD and MP60wQD are fundamentally the same with the exception of the all new QuietDrive driver.
For more information on how this will impact pump performance please review page 10

Q: Will previous model EcoSmart Vortech pumps and drivers be supported through EcoSmart Live and EcoTech customer service?
A: Yes, EcoSmart live will continue to support all wES pumps and all support and warranty of existing product remains unchanged.



Quiet Drive Driver represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver. • All new driver included with the VorTech MP10, MP40 and MP60


6+ Available continuous operational modes
• Wave Auto Tune, Feed Mode & Night Mode

• 90% Less motor noise*
• Up to 40% more output*
• Communicates with existing WWD and “w” EcoSmart pumps • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink
• Available as an upgrade for WWD and EcoSmart Drivers




• Dual bearing wet side • Increased efficiency To compliment the all new QD driver the MP40 has been completely re-designed.


• 90% less motor noise • 40% more output
• Sleek aesthetics
• Dual bearing wet side Increased efficiency

• Compatible with wireless EcoSmart VorTechs

• Compatible with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live






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