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Avast Spy Glass Rinsing Lids


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This handy lid makes it easy to temporarily divert the output of a Spyglass reactor into a bucket while rinsing the media.  It's easy to use: simply push the existing screen top further down into the reactor to retain any floating media, then press this lid into the Spyglass chamber with a short section of tubing attached and let the effluent flow into a bucket until the water runs clear and is free of fine particulates.  Then pop the lid off and let the reactor run normally.


Note that this lid is not intended to remain in place long term for the purposes of diverting the output of the reactor to e.g., the skimmer pump intake.  The fitting in the lid causes a significant drop in flow rate due to the back pressure it creates, which limits the efficiency of the low wattage pump driving the reactor.  For the case of biopellet use, we recommend simply positioning the Spyglass reactor near or upstream from the skimmer pump intake for sufficient biofilm skimmer uptake.




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