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4-Stage 100 GPD (US) RO Unit with Refillable DI


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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, complete with 4-stage filtration, RO membrane, PP 5 micron pre-filter, CTO 5 micron activated carbon and refillable DI cartridge. Provides water for aquariums, propagation and pharmaceuticals.


Items included:

  • 5 Micron Pre-filter
  • 5 Micron CTO filter
  • 50 GPD RO Membrane
  • Refillable DI resin cartridge
  • Mains self-piercing connector
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting ¼” tube

In order to look after and extend the life of the membrane we have incorporated a manual flush valve on this unit. This will allow you to open the flush tap and allow a high pressure flow of water to go across the membrane and flush away accumulated impurities.

Stage 1: PP Filter made from spun polyester designed to remove particles and impurities from water

Stage 2: CTO made from extruded high quality activated carbon, removes particles as small as 5 microns

Stage 3: RO Membrane 100 GPD designed to remove Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Hormones and Bacteria, removes 97-99% of all impurities

Stage 4: DI refillable cartridge for Mixed Bed Resin used for polishing water for marine fish use

This unit is manufactured to comply with REVERSE OSMOSIS STANDARD NSF58.

Technical Information:

    • Size W472mm x D170mm x H370mm
    • Operating Temperature 5C-40ºC
    • Operating pressure 7.25-58psita


Additional information

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