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XEPTA Reef Balance Salt 20kg


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Xepta Balanced Reef Salt is a mixture of salts that has unique characteristics in the sea salt market as it is a bi-component salt. Studies and research in search of an ionically balanced salt and uniform composition in all batches and cubes have resulted in Xepta Balanced Reef Salt, which has been formulated to accurately mimic the natural marine environment of coral reefs.

As it could not be otherwise and complying with our quality standards, all the reagents that make up this salt have a certified pharmaceutical (Ph. Eur, USP) or analytical (ACS) grade, which ensures the absence of toxic and not at all necessary components , as we can find in evaporated sea water salts. The quality of the reagents with which we work also ensures the absence of ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. That is why we can find a chemically pure and concentrated salt with a humidity percentage of less than 0.5% that produces a greater volume of water with less quantity.

And why is Xepta Balanced Reef Salt a bi-component salt? In order to ensure the presence of all the elements in all the mixtures we make, we have separated the major elements from the traces. Our salt is manufactured in our facilities.

Ensuring a uniform composition in a salt is essential to ensure a chemical stability of the water at all times, that is why with Xepta Balanced Reef Salt we will have a salt to be able to carry out the water changes and find parameters according to those we have in our aquarium. Any sudden changes in the chemical conditions of the water affect each and every one of the chemical processes that take place inside our aquarium, altering the balance of the system and preventing corals from showing their full potential. That is why Xepta Reef has developed a salt capable of creating a natural marine environment, with the proportion of elements that we can find in nature.

The ranges of values ​​that we can find for the majority elements are:

Calcium420-440 ppm
Magnesium1320-1350 ppm
KH7,9-8,5 dKH
Potasium390-410 ppm
Bromine60-70 ppm
Boron24-26 ppm
Strontium8,5-9 ppm
Iodine0,05-0,06 ppm

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