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Nyos TORQ 2.0 Fluidised Reactor Body (NEW)


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The Nyos® TORQ® is an innovative high-performance system reactor in a modular design for all types of filter media, such as active carbon, phosphate remover (GFO), zeolite and bio pellets.


The Nyos® TORQ® G2 media reactor has been completely reworked. In addition to the
existing features, the next generation offers the following new developments:

1. Twist Lock

Mini bayonet closures ensure secure lock for
the lid and bottom insert and allow for easy
media change.

2. Micro Grid instead of Sponge


The innovative micro grid of the ® TORQ® G2 bodies
offers the following advantages compared to the classic
filter sponge in conventional media reactors:

  • Significantly longer run time as the grid does not clog quickly
  • Is much better at retaining fine filter media
  • More volume for filter media
  • Comes in two sizes (0.8mm and 1.5mm hole diameter)

3. New Water Injection


Optimized water injection for
more laminar flow.



Nyos® has developed the innovative TORQ® system reactor as a simple and elegant solution to the problem of aquarium filtration. The TORQ® produces an even water flow throughout the chamber giving ideal conditions for any choice of filter media.

• Modular: TORQ® Dock and bodies can be used in any combination
• Frustration-free: Media are changed in seconds
• Controllable: Flow rate steplessly and precisely adjustable
• Two-in-one: Chamber separator in TORQ® body 1.0 and 2.0 for two different media
• Plug-and-play: Ready to use


Nyos Torq 0.75 Reactor Body 

Volume  – 750ml (25 fl oz)
For use with a SINGLE filter media
Diameter – 70mm (2.75 in)
Filter foams included
Height incl. Dock – 47cm (18.5 in)


Nyos Torq 1.0 Reactor Body

Volume – 1000ml (34 fl oz)
For use with TWO filter media
Diameter  – 70mm (2.75 in)
Filter foams included
Height incl. Dock  – 53cm (21 in)


Nyos Torq 2.0 Reactor Body 

Volume – 2000ml (68 fl oz)
For use with TWO filter media
Diameter – 100mm (4 in)
Filter foams included
Height incl. Dock – 53cm (21 in)


Dimensions: (LxWxH)162 x 162 x 110 mm
Flow max.: 1.000 l/h (264 gph)
Wattage: 12 W
Flow max.: 1.000 l/h (264 gph)
Wattage: 12 W

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Combination Needed

Torq 0.75 Body, Torq 1.0 Body, Torq 2.0 Body


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