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Ultra Reef UKS 250 Typhoon Protein Skimmer


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Skimmer AKULA UKS-250 Typhoon


The Ultra Reef AKULA UKS  range of protein skimmers is a method of filtration that allows the removal of the surfactants from seawater.

It pumps a mixture of aquarium water and air bubbles into a mixing chamber.

By exploiting the properties of the film surface tension between air and water, it generates a foam overflowing from the main chamber, and then into a collection cup which allows for easy removal



Tank size: For aquariums from 700 to 2000 lit

Skimming pump: ULTRA REEF PSK+ 4000 by SICCE

Air intake ~ 500-2300 lit/h

Water intake ~ 1500-3000 lit/h

Power consumption~ 58 W



Base plate 43×35 cm (17.7 x 13.8”) x 53cmx35cm (20.9 x 13.8")

Height 65 cm (25.6”)

Water level 18-22 mm (7-8.6“)

To be installed in sump



Standard 230-240V 50Hz



Additional information

Weight10.000 kg


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