Aquarium Systems SeaTest – System Control


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Aquarium Systems SeaTest – System Control


The Seatest System Control is designed to be used in conjunction with Seatest’s full range of test kits, analysing the results in place of the usual colourimetric test charts and storing results from up to 10 aquariums.

These results can then be uploaded to PC, generating graphic parameter reports; the reports themselves are stored for reference, building up a picture of the water quality and content over time.


Guide to test:

Step 1: Use colorimetric test as usual
Use desired reagent as described in reagent’s instructions.
Follow all steps and respect all times as if the reading was done
without colorimeter.
Step 2: Set tank number
Switch on device holding ON/OFF key until “AS” message is
shown in the screen.
Message “Tan” will appear, followed by a number. This will be
the number of tank linked to the future measurements done with
Number of tank can be changed using SELECT key. When
desired tank is selected, press TEST key.
Step 3: Set reagent type
First parameter name will appear on the screen.
Pushing SELECT key will show all the different reagents available.
When desired reagent is shown in the screen, the device is ready
to take a measure.
Step 4: Set reagent type
Introduce device inside the test tube until it touches the bottom
part of test tube. Keep device vertical inside the test tube.
Press TEST key and the liquid will be immediately analyzed.
The concentration of the desired parameter will be shown in the
device’s screen. No need to make any further operation.
After measurement is done it is recommended to clean the
device. This will avoid contamination from sample to sample
when making several measures.
To clean the device insert it inside a test tube filled with 10ml of
water for three seconds. The best is to use same water from the
tank to clean device.
After device has been cleaned the external part of device can be
dried using a paper towel.

Once tests have been completed, upload via USB to view water quality graphs and comparisons.




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