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Elos High Resolution Phosphate Test Kit


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The Expert Line Elos Aqua Test PO4- High Resolution Phosphate Test Kit is designed for the aquarist looking for a PO4 test kit that is both very easy to read and accurate at a very low range. For most the standard Prima Line Elos Aqua Test PO4 kit is more than sufficient, as it provides a low range reading, uses NIST validated reagents and is easy to read. The Expert Line High Resolution PO4 kit improves upon our standard Prima Line Aqua Test PO4 kit by using the combination of a new color scale, vials, viewer and NIST validated reagents that provide easier,accurate readings down to 0.008 mg/l of PO4. PO4 build up in an aquarium, particularly in a marine reef aquarium, is a common problem and can result in poor coloration of corals, excessive nuisance algae growth and the inability to keep certain types of livestock. In natural seawater, it is typical to see PO4 readings around 0.06 mg/l and in reef areas these levels can be as low as 0.01 mg/l. For those trying to maintain a Marine Reef Aquarium, particularly a reef aquarium with demanding small polyp stony corals (SPS), we recommend the Expert Line High Resolution PO4 kit. This kit is also beneficial to marine aquarium keepers that would like the benefit of the easier readings provided by the high resolution color chart and the viewer compared to the standard color chart and no viewer in the prima line PO4 Aqua Test kit.

  • Range (Marine): 0.008- 0.14mg/lt
  • Written and Illustrated instructions
  • New higher contrast comparative color chart using the included viewer for much easier reading of results.
  • NIST validated reagents and independently lab verified results.
  • Precise calibrated dropper bottle (reagent A) and calibrated spoon for Reagent B.



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