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Fauna Marin Multi Reference Solution 100ml


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With this reference, it is possible for the first time, your water tests under real conditions to test, which means the references are not made from fresh water, but the ions sprektrum was according to the test media.

Can be tested:
Carbonate hardness
And salinity
The 100 ml solution is stable and united all these values in a solution

Calcium 422 mg / l
Magnesium 1314 mg / l
Kalium/pottasium 408 mg/l
Salinität 35 ppm
dKH 6,5 / 2,33 meq/l
SiO2 2,1 mg/l
Si(OH)4 3,4 mg/l
Strontium 8 mg/l
Salinität 35 ppm
Leitwert 53 mS ( 25 C )
Dichte 1,0233 ( 25 C )
nD20 = 1,3394

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