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Tropic Marin NP Standard 50ml


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Mineral reference solution for test kits (NO3, PO4)

Reagents in test kits can lose their effectiveness and accuracy over time due to unfavourable storage conditions, high or low temperature and through exposure to oxygen. This can then  lead to incorrect results. The respective tests should therefore be checked against a stable standard on a regular basis.

Tropic Marin® NP Standard consists of a solution with nitrate and phosphate, in known concentrations, prepared in the test laboratory. It allows you to quickly check the precision of test kits for nitrate and phosphate. The deviation can be determined and a correction factor can be calculated as necessary.


Easy testing of the precision of test kits
Only one standard for testing nitrate and phosphate tests
Works with all common tests on the market
  • Calculating a correction factor can improve the accuracy of test results

How to use:

Checking the precision of the reagents

This requires reverse osmosis or demineralized water. Fill the test vial with the required amount of demineralized water (according to the instructions for use of your test). Attach the blue tip on the enclosed 1ml syringe and draw the following amount from the Tropic Marin® NP Standard bottle, depending on the type of test and sample size:

Volume of the water sample (see instructions for test kit) Quantity of Tropic Marin® NP standard
5 ml 0.13 ml
10 ml 0.26 ml




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