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Tunze Osmolator 3 Auto Top Up


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Norbert Tunze recognized the need for an automatic top up back in the 80s and developed the first Osmolator® for aquariums.

A precise and reliable water level controller to ensure stable and constant osmotic conditions in every freshwater and seawater aquarium.

The Osmolator® is still the ONE unbeatable instrument for monitoring the osmotic conditions in
the aquarium and thanks to over 40 years of experience with this successful product,TUNZE®
is now releasing the best Osmolator® ever!

Just like its predecessor, the Osmolator® 3 is produced from the pump to the sensor in our factory
in Penzberg and enables automatic, precise compensation for evaporated water.

It reacts to even the smallest level variations from 0.5mm (0.02″)and its components provide the best functionality for the modern aquariums.

The large, precise optical sensor detects the water level with an accuracy of 0.5mm, resists air bubbles, deposits and scratches.

The independent thermal safety sensor stops the Turbelle® ® High Jet 5030 pump in the event of over filling, ensuring 100% overflow protection.

A Long-lasting high-tech metering pump Turbelle® High Jet 5030 with a maximum delivery height of 6.2 m (20.34″) and it is quiet thanks to a real 3-phase sine wave.

The special TUNZE® cable is particularly abrasion- and seawater-resistant and indicates damage at an early stage by means of a white intermediate cable sheathing.

Made in Germany by MEDIKabel.

Flexible, low kink and low emission TUNZE® tube, hydrolysis and microbe resistant. Corrosion
resistant G1/4” – Ø6mm push-in connector for easy assembly and a secure fit.

Waterproof plugs and connectors.

Compact all-in-one construction with Magnet Holder and Tube Holder for an attachment to any  aquarium edge or in the aquarium filter up to 15 mm (2/3”).

The Osmolator® 3 is supplied with a high-tech metering pump Turbelle® High Jet 5030, quality power supply unit, hose and hose holder.

It only requires a storage tank as a reservoir.

This TUNZE® quality product is delivered in packaging from renewable raw materials and also has a five years warranty for extra peace of mind.

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