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Triton 100ml Trace Base (minor elements)


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Trace Co (Cobalt)
Trace Cr (Chromium)
Trace FE (Iron)
Trace I (Iodine)
Trace Li (Lithum)
Trace Mn (Manganese)
Trace Mo (Molybdenum)
Trace Ni (Nickel)
Trace V (Vanadium)
Trace Z (Zinc)

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TRACE BASE – the most professional maintenance for trace elements for the passionate reef aquarist


The TRACE BASE system is part of the TRITON method but is, as well as the professional water analysis, able to be used independently. For that it is now possible to run every other system for keeping stony corals with the best and most targeted trace element supply. The TRACE BASE system is based on the professional water analysis, which adjusts all measureable trace elements individually and consumption oriented for your tank. Through the until now best possible adjustment to natural sea water, the results are incomparable colourful and healthy corals, as well as strong growth.


100ml bottle of minor trace elements:

V, CR, Ni, Co, Mn, Fe, Li, I, Mo, Zn.





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