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Aquamedic Titanium Heaters


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Titanium Heaters

Titanium Heaters are the safe alternative to glass heaters in both fresh and salt water aquaria. The unbreakable titanium housing is sea water resistant and the heaters have both overheat and dry running protection cutouts. The heaters must be used in combination with a temperature controller.
We recommend the using either a E1000 Controller or Aqua Medic T controller to regulate heater temperature.


Titanium heater 100 W for aquaria up 100 – 250 l, lenght: 15 cm

Titanium heater 200 W for aquaria up 250 – 500 l, lenght: 18 cm

Titanium heater 300 W for aquaria up 500 – 1,000 l, lenght: 30 cm

Titanium heater 500 W for aquaria up 1,000 – 1,500 l, lenght: 32 cm

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